Asset Inspection/Monitoring

Engineering Asset Management is management of engineering assets and it provides guidelines on the effective usage of all the physical engineered assets within the organization. Similarly, Non-Destructive Testing  is used as a handy tool for integrity assessment of Assets in scheduled maintenance & inspection program. Though Asset Inspection in Oil & Gas Industry were using conventional methods, now , and others came up with inspection procedures based on fracture mechanics, where each user to ascertain how their tool/regional operating condition deviate from the assumptions herein,

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Utility/Telecom Pole Inspection

Conduct utility pole inspections easily and examine and document physical conditions, damage, vandalism, or replacement needs. The checklist-style interface makes it easy to complete inspections quickly and accurately. Use this app to take photos of damaged or destroyed poles, mark locations,

Construction Site Progression

Construction lenders often require us to be their boots on the ground and report on the progress of a project. With Construction Progress Monitoring, Partner will conduct regular or monthly construction progress site assessments to ensure that the proposed improvements at the subject site are progressing as required in the contract/agreement. Partner will confirm information provided by the client and assess the status of the project, the construction operations,

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